Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I/We have very low budget. Can a good website still be developed for a small amount?

Yes, sure.
Please view our "pre-made websites" section. Most likely you will find your solution there.
If not then please contact us and we'll surely get back to you with a solution to your needs and budget.

Why are you offering web development at so cheap rates?

I am a full stack developer leading this team of qualified and experienced freelancers who are working from home. And, we are freelancers.

Why you guys?

Becasue :
we provide project development at a Very Low Cost.
we provide project development Fast (very very Low Turn-Around Time).
we provide High Quality Work.
we are Highly Eperienced Professionals.
we are Honest, truthful & Reialble.

What if I stop payment in middle (or at any particular phase) of the project?

We'll stop working for you.

Do you also do websites in other languages?

Yes, we do.

Do you also do mobile apps development along with website development?

Yes, we do.
We also do intra-net web application development.